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The Indian Tiger likewise alluded to as the Bengal Tiger has pride of place in the rundown of tigers. Panthera Tigris is the name given to the Indian tiger by zoologists. The Bengal tiger is likewise alluded to as the Royal Bengal tiger in view of its magnificent appearance. The Bengal tiger is a flesh-eating creature. Be that as it may, once in a while it can transform into a man-eater. Tigers, by and large, are not man-eaters, but rather damage or an incitement can lead a tiger to wind up plainly a man-eater. The tiger in India is an ensured animal groups, yet the miserable part is that according to the last tiger enumeration led by the Indian Government, just 3846 tigers were tallied. Be that as it may, specialists have scrutinized the technique for leading evaluation of the tigers by the Indians which they feel isn't logical. Indian censuses of wild tigers are done by recognizable proof of impressions likewise alluded to as pugmarks of individual tigers. For this distinguishing proof, a specialist tiger tracker is an absolute necessity. However, specialists feel this strategy isn't precise. 

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