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The Tiger is perceived as one of the enormous felines. The rundown is going by the Lion which is nearly trailed by the Tiger. For the most part, male tigers are around 9' long and could have a normal weight of 400 lbs. The estimation of length is from the nose to the tail. Female tigers are marginally littler in size and weight. Till around 100 years back the tiger was in plenitude everywhere throughout the world and thousands wandered the regions of Asia, India, and Africa. However aimless chasing and devastation of its normal natural surroundings has decreased the tiger populace to an allowance and has turned into a jeopardized species. On the off chance that this species isn't taken care of there is a decent shot that the tiger will stay just in photos. 

Tiger Big Cat Wild Animal  In Jungle

India holds pride of place the extent that tigers are concerned. The Cat Specialist Group has assessed that almost 66% of the considerable number of universes' tigers are gathered in India. India has been home to the tiger for whatever length of time that Indian history. The Indus valley development which flourished almost 4500 years back has clear reference to the Indian Tiger. A seal with a tigers head is verification enough that the tiger as a wild feline prospered around then. Considerably prior to 5000 years back the stone works of art of the Warli clans in Thane demonstrate the presence of the tiger. 

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