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Turtle Diving Underwater Animals-Sea Life

The greater part of an ocean turtle's body is secured by its shell. The turtle's shell is separated into two areas carapace and plastron. The shell is comprised of littler plates called scutes. The leatherback is the main ocean turtle that does not have a hard shell. Rather, it bears a collection of hard plates underneath its unfinished skin.

Ocean turtles are air-breathing reptiles that have lungs, so they frequently surface to relax. Ocean turtles invest a greater part of their energy submerged, so they should have the capacity to hold their breath for long periods. Dive span to a great extent relies upon movement. A scrounging turtle may regularly burn through 5– 40 min under water.while a dozing ocean turtle can stay submerged for 4– 7 hours.

Turtle Diving Underwater Animals-Sea Life

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